[Most] Popular Casino Beliefs and Superstitions To Check for 2024

popular casino beliefs

Casinos have always been a thrilling mix of excitement, luck, and unpredictability. As players dive into the lively world of gambling, they often carry some popular casino beliefs that shape their experience. While these beliefs don’t actually affect game outcomes, they do add an extra layer of fun, tradition, and even comfort for some players. In this exploration, let’s dive into some popular casino beliefs, debunking the myths around them and shedding light on the realities of the gambling scene.

Popular Casino Beliefs for Good Luck

Casinos are often thought of as these glamorous and exciting places where dreams can come true or fortunes can be lost. For centuries, gamblers have held onto lucky charms, rituals, and omens, hoping to somehow tilt the odds in their favor. Even though these popular casino beliefs don’t really have any basis in reality, they still have a strong pull for many players.

1. Lucky Charms and Rituals

Many casino-goers swear by the popular casino belief in lucky charms. It is one of the prevalent superstitions in the gambling world. They often carry items like rabbits’ feet or four-leaf clovers, thinking these talismans will bring them good fortune. Some even have specific rituals, like blowing on dice or touching their lucky charm. They aim to gain a sense of comfort and control in the often unpredictable casino environment.

Players may also have personal items like a cherished card protector or a lucky cap that reminds them of past tournament victories. For instance, professional player Johnny Chan secured a World Series of Poker title with a Jaffa orange by his chips. On the other hand, Irish player Andy Black consistently displays a bronze card protector during his games.

Interestingly, these superstitions extend beyond traditional casino games. According to a recent UK study, about 30% of bingo players confessed to having a lucky dauber, while 4% admitted to bringing a lucky friend along on their nights out.

2. Blowing on Dice

When playing in online casinos, some players bring their superstitions into the virtual realm. They give their computer screens a little blow in hopes of affecting the digital roll of the dice in craps.

Dice carry serious weight in the world of casino gambling, particularly in many U.S. casino towns. There, they are securely stored until needed. Routine inspections are carried out to spot any defects or markings that could influence the dice’s roll. Additionally, precise micrometers are utilized to ensure consistent dimensions.

3. Wearing Red as a Lucky Color

Red is thought to bring good fortune. It is especially prevalent in Asia where brides wear it on their wedding day. This color is believed to symbolize wealth and prosperity. In China, players take this superstition seriously and often dress in red from head to toe, including red shoes, shirts, and even red underwear.

The preference for red extends to casino superstitions too. When playing roulette, many players lean towards betting on red numbers over black, even though the likelihood of hitting either color is statistically the same.

4. Crossing Fingers

Gamblers often create their own set of physical rituals as part of their casino superstitions. This can include anything from shutting their eyes before the roulette wheel stops, shouting out numbers, to giving the slot machine a tap while the reels are spinning.

Similarly, online casino players develop their own unique personal rituals. It could involve covering the monitor during a roulette spin or chanting a good luck mantra as the online slot reels go into motion.

In essence, another popular casino belief arises. Players believed that physical superstitions like crossing fingers or tapping screens could influence the outcomes of the games. They deny the fact that casino games are based on chances. These rituals serve as a coping mechanism. The rituals help players handle the idea that every casino game is fundamentally random.

5. Lucky Numbers

Some players find comfort and a sense of control by relying on their “lucky numbers.” These numbers are often tied to personal milestones like birthdays or anniversaries. They bring a feeling of hope and influence to the unpredictable nature of games. Some people attribute mystical properties to these numbers. They believe they carry positive energy and could potentially boost their chances of winning. Others see them as a psychological tool. They believed such numbers would help them focus and bolster their confidence around their chosen digits.

Certain numbers, like 7 and 8, are also commonly considered lucky in casinos and certain cultures.

These beliefs can shape the games players opt for and influence the bets they decide to place.

Popular Casino Beliefs for Bad Luck

While online casinos offer a digital realm of excitement and chance, players often find themselves navigating a sea of superstitions that revolve around the fear of bad luck. From avoiding certain actions to steering clear of particular numbers, these beliefs can influence the online gambling experience. Discover the different popular casino beliefs about bad luck. Examine the myths that players cling to in the hope of warding off misfortune.

1. Counting Your Money

The timeless wisdom of not counting your chickens before they hatch smoothly transitions into the online world. It’s considered a risky move to start counting your chips or winnings before the game is over. Doing so might just attract bad luck and lead to unexpected losses.That celebratory click on your winnings could unknowingly invite the bad luck lurking around.

2. The Unlucky Number 13

The superstition around the number 13 being bad luck also applies to online casinos. Some players avoid making bets or spins associated with the number 13. They fear it might bring negative outcomes to their chances of winning.

When the superstitions of both Friday and the number 13 are combined, it is called Friday the 13th. Many consider it an exceptionally unlucky day. Online casino players choose to skip gaming on this date. They worry that the convergence of these two sources of supposed bad luck could lead to unfavorable results.

3. Crossing Your Legs

Gamblers often have quirky habits and rituals they believe bring them luck at the table. One of the more unusual casino superstitions is the idea that crossing your legs is linked to bad luck.

The origin of this odd belief in bad luck remains a mystery. It will remain still unless some unlucky player has a significant loss while sitting with crossed legs. Nevertheless, keeping your legs uncrossed is thought to help players stay more alert and focused on the game.

4. Whistling Woes

Some cultures may link whistling to good luck. However, in the online casino world, it’s believed to bring bad fortune. Whistling while playing is thought to blow away your chances of winning. It will leave you with nothing but the melancholic sound of defeat. So, it’s best to keep those tunes to yourself and let the clicks do the talking.

5. Having Itchy Hands

In some European countries, having itchy hands is believed to bring bad luck. It can possibly indicate stress from a tough session at the craps table. However, in places like Serbia, itchy hands are seen as a positive sign.

This belief may have roots in an ancient superstition associating an itchy left palm with an upcoming loss of money. On the brighter side, watch for an itchy right palm. It could be signaling that you’re about to hit the jackpot.


When exploring popular casino beliefs, striking a balance between skepticism and knowledge is crucial. Understanding the real facts behind common myths helps players make informed choices for a more enjoyable gambling experience. While luck does play a role, taking a strategic and well-informed approach ensures players can responsibly enjoy the thrill of the game.

And always remember, these are just beliefs, not hard facts. While they can add excitement, it’s vital to play responsibly and recognize that outcomes are based on chance, not superstition.

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